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Is Your Partnership Strategy Helping Your Growth?

We'll analyze your current partnerships, design a data-driven strategy aligned with your goals, and create a framework to measure success. We'll help you identify high-value partners, qualify and engage them, and provide ongoing guidance to build strong, productive relationships. Additionally, we can streamline onboarding, develop co-marketing initiatives, and optimize performance throughout the partnership lifecycle. We can also help establish best practices through playbooks, integrate partnerships with sales, and select a Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform. Finally, we offer additional services to develop your partnership program, create marketing communication strategies, and navigate any conflicts that may arise.


Partnership Assessment & Strategy

  • Partnership Audit: Analyze current partnerships, identify strengths and weaknesses, and recommend improvements.
  • Partnership Strategy Design: Develop a data-driven partnership strategy aligned with overall business goals and target market. Incorporate competitive landscape analysis
  • Return on Partnership (ROP) Framework: Define key metrics and KPIs to measure partnership success and ROI.

Partner Identification & Engagement

  • Target Selection: Leverage industry insights and data to identify high-value partners with shared target audiences.
  • Partnership Qualification & Evaluation: Develop a scoring system to assess potential partners based on strategic fit and alignment. Engage priority prospects and define the path to a successful partnership for each.
  • Strategic Recommendations & Connection: Provide ongoing strategic guidance, facilitate introductions with key contacts, and set groundwork for productive relationships.

Partnership Management & Growth

  • Partnership Onboarding & Enablement: Streamline the partner onboarding process with clear communication and training programs. Offer co-marketing materials and sales tools
  • Joint Business Planning & Go-to-Market Strategy: Collaborate with partners to create co-branded campaigns, co-developed features, and integrated marketing strategies.
  • Partnership Performance Management & Optimization: Monitor key metrics, identify areas for improvement, and optimize partnership performance throughout the lifecycle.

Partnership Technology & Operations

  • Partnership Playbook Creation: Develop a comprehensive guide that outlines your partnership program, procedures, and best practices.
  • Partnership <> Sales Integration: Align sales and partnering teams to ensure collaboration, track partnership influence, and incentivize sales through partnerships.
  • PRM Selection & Implementation: Help choose and configure a Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform, facilitating communication, lead management, and deal registration.
Additional Services
  • Partnership Program Development: Create a structured program with defined tiers, benefits, and requirements for different types of partners.
  • Partner Marketing & Communication: Develop strategies and materials for co-marketing initiatives and ongoing partner communication.
  • Partner Conflict Resolution: Provide support in navigating and resolving any challenges or conflicts that may arise with partners.
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Partnerships GTM

Give yourself a force multiplier for growth. From selecting the right partners to building a winning engagement plan, we will help you be seen in the marketplace and improve every part of the sales funnel.

Marketing GTM

Roadmap your marketing efforts for success. From data-driven market segmentation and in-depth competitive analysis to creative brand storytelling and hyped event activation, we cover all bases so your positioning drives to your unique value.

Sales GTM

Your blueprint for achieving sales team excellence. From a customized sales process, accurate revenue targeting, and tech stack optimization to team structure, training and customer retention, we deliver actionable strategies. 

Attract Investors

Marketing, Sales, and Partnerships—the triad critical to business success. Attract investors in the hospitality technology sector. Clearly articulate your operating model, revenue potential, and value proposition to the VC community as an exciting investment opportunity.