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The Go-To-Market Agency for Ambitious Restaurant Tech

MAKE IT POP! Popcorn GTM is the agency you hire to deliver bold, intentional, and disruptive sales and marketing strategy and creative. Get your restaurant technology marketing and revenue operations working hard for you to dominate your SaaS tech category.

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Bringing Urgency to Your Sales and Marketing Operations.

It's time to mobilize a GTM strategy. The number of restaurant technology companies are estimated to be somewhere between 1,500 and 3,000 at any given moment. And, every year, the hospitality technology space gets increasingly congested, making it more challenging than ever to carve out a niche or gain a competitive edge. The market is red-hot, and the race for market share is fiercely competitive. Let's plan accordingly.


Every Last Cent Counts: Using Dynamic Pricing in Chain Restaurants

What we do


Put Sales at the Center of Your Marketing!

Brand positioning drives your product's value proposition -- which creates customer demand. 

This proven "flywheel" approach is what Popcorn leverages to build brand awareness, generate sales leads, and expand market share.

Go-to-Market Playbooks for Restaurant Tech:

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  • Customer Pain Points & Needs Assessment
  • Pricing and Bundle Packaging Strategy
  • Recommendations for Product Enhancements
  • User Experience & Interface Design
  • Post-Launch Reviews
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  • Market Segmentation and Targeting
  • Competitive Analysis & Positioning
  • Creative Ideation & Brand Awareness Solutions
  • Trade Show & Event Hype Activation
  • Community Building & Engagement
  • Public Relations & News Management
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  • Sales Process & Tech Stack Design Optimization
  • Team Structure & Territory Management
  • Sales Playbook Creation
  • Customer Retention Strategies
  • Channel Sales & Forecasting 
  • Partnerships & Affiliations

Strategic Alignment is Everything.


Alignment is everything to us. That means ensuring there's alignment between product, sales, and marketing teams, so that everyone is rowing in the same direction. With our GTM processes, we will align your authentic brand positioning with your product's unique value proposition to create genuine customer demand.


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Sales GTM

Your blueprint for achieving sales team excellence. From a customized sales process, accurate revenue targeting, and tech stack optimization to team structure, training and customer retention, we deliver actionable strategies. 

Marketing GTM

Roadmap your marketing efforts for success. From data-driven market segmentation and in-depth competitive analysis to creative brand storytelling and hyped event activation, we cover all bases so your positioning drives to your unique value.

Product GTM

Streamline your path to market success in the restaurant and hospitality sectors. From pinpointing customer pain points for feature development to post-launch reviews, we offer actionable strategies to outperform competitors and maximize ROI.

Attract Investors

Product, Marketing, and Sales—the triad critical to business success. Attract investors in the hospitality technology sector. Clearly articulate your operating model, revenue potential, and value proposition to the VC community as an exciting investment opportunity.

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"I personally recommend Popcorn GTM to any organization that is looking for strategic, creative, and high energy individuals, to evaluate, recommend and then actually implement a highly effective strategy."

John Laporte - President, TASK
Shelly Rupel-1

"Popcorn GTM has great insights to the Devour mission and what is possible in the world of omni-channel food ordering in lifestyles like gaming!"

Shelly Rupel - CEO, Devour
Rick Biolosi-1

"These guys are rock stars! (in at least 7 different ways). Popcorn provided content marketing storytelling that set us up for success."

Rick Biolsi - Partner, Bartley & Dick


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