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Are You Generating Predictable Revenue?

Drive consistent sales growth with assurance. Our Sales GTM Playbooks serve as your master guide for achieving unparalleled sales performance in the restaurant and hospitality industries. From tailored sales workflows and technology stack enhancements to team organization and customer loyalty initiatives, we offer hands-on strategies to prime your sales force for victory.

Sales Process Design
  • Customized sales funnel tailored to your product's unique selling points.
  • Develop scripts and templates for sales calls and emails.
  • Implement tracking mechanisms to measure sales effectiveness.
  • Provide ongoing adjustments based on real-world performance.
Sales Team Structure & Management
  • Analysis of team roles and skills.
  • Recommendations for structuring the team: hunters vs. farmers, solution sellers, technical sales support, etc.
  • Identifying gaps in the team and suggesting roles to be recruited or developed
  • Developing specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound goals.
  • Segmenting targets by product, territory, sales channel, or individual salesperson.
Sales Playbook Creation & Training
  • Comprehensive guide covering all stages of the sales cycle.
  • Industry-specific objection handling and rebuttals.
  • Role-playing scenarios to train your sales team.
  • Metrics and KPIs to measure sales performance. 
Sales Tech Stack Optimization
  • Recommendations on CRM systems, sales enablement tools, and other tech platforms.
  • Integration strategies for different sales tools.
  • Evaluation of current technology stack's effectiveness.
Customer Retention Strategies
  • Develop programs aimed at increasing customer lifetime value.
  • Conduct exit interviews to understand why customers churn and make improvements accordingly.
Partnerships and Affiliations
  • Identify potential partnership opportunities within the industry.
  • Develop co-branded campaigns or features that could drive mutual growth.
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Partnerships GTM

Give yourself a force multiplier for growth. From selecting the right partners to building a winning engagement plan, we will help you be seen in the marketplace and improve every part of the sales funnel.

Marketing GTM

Roadmap your marketing efforts for success. From data-driven market segmentation and in-depth competitive analysis to creative brand storytelling and hyped event activation, we cover all bases so your positioning drives to your unique value.

Sales GTM

Your blueprint for achieving sales team excellence. From a customized sales process, accurate revenue targeting, and tech stack optimization to team structure, training and customer retention, we deliver actionable strategies. 

Attract Investors

Marketing, Sales, and Partnerships—the triad critical to business success. Attract investors in the hospitality technology sector. Clearly articulate your operating model, revenue potential, and value proposition to the VC community as an exciting investment opportunity.