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JUICER and Popcorn GTM Collab to Help Restaurants Gain Profits with Real-time Revenue Management

Popcorn GTM and Juicer collaboration partnership

Every restaurant chain is unique. Revenue management solutions should offer segmentation capabilities, allowing chains to customize their pricing strategies for different products, categories, and regions. This level of customization ensures that pricing decisions are not only data-driven but also contextually relevant. Enter JUICER.


A few months ago we started seeing some really interesting content coming across our Linkedin feed by way of Mr. Ashwin Kamlani at JUICER. In that we recognized a thoughtful, committed businessman with a penchant for leveraging compelling content, thought leadership, unflinching transparency, with a dash of humility and vulnerability thrown in for good measure. All while walking through some amazing locations that made us yearn for our next big vacation.

Ashwin Kamlani LinkedInFor those of you that happen to know Ashwin or follow his LinkedIn posts, you can’t deny his unique sense of style and very different approach to business. That’s what caught our attention. 🍿

Today we are excited to announce Popcorn GTM’s collaborative partnership with JUICER, the pioneers in real-time revenue management. JUICER has brought to market a solution that is hands down poised to change how restaurants look at how they price their menus, with an ROI potential that is simply off the chart. What Ashwin and his team have done is translate to the restaurant industry what hotels and many other industries have done for years. What sets JUICER apart? Their deep experience in hospitality. This isn't just about adjusting prices; it's about empowering restaurant chains to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring their menus are not only appealing but also competitively priced -- in real-time, while protecting consumer loyalty and the customer experience.

For restaurant operators, this means the agility to respond to market changes, maximizing profitability while maintaining a high customer satisfaction.This also delivers a real impact to restaurants in potentially leveling out the peaks and valleys of their sales by offering pricing during off peak hours to drive sales and influence customer behaviors.


How did they get started? Like how most big ideas start today… JUICER came together digitally.

Its inception is a tale of two entrepreneurial spirits, Ashwin Kamlani and Drew Patterson, sharing a vision and finding a synergy. Ashwin, inspired by transparency, storytelling, and e-commerce insights, and Drew, sparked by the potential of digital menus in  restaurants, saw a unique opportunity. Their meeting, catalyzed by a mutual connection at LinkedIn who suggested the two reconnect, led to the birth of JUICER, blending over two decades of their combined experience in hotel hospitality and travel e-commerce to address similar pricing challenges in the restaurant industry.

With the advisory expertise of Marco Benvenuti, a maestro in revenue management, and insights from restaurant industry experts like Carl Orsbourn, JUICER was poised for success. In just two years, they've created ground-breaking menu pricing methodologies and competitive intelligence solutions that have persuaded major restaurant groups to embrace a dynamic, data-driven pricing approach across their delivery channels (for starters).

Molinari and Beck Fractional CMO CRO

Our partnership and collaboration

At Popcorn GTM, we recognize the game-changing potential of JUICER's technology. It aligns seamlessly with our own mission to deliver disruptive, innovative strategies that yield measurable results. We believe that JUICER’S pioneering AI powered tech doesn't just adjust numbers; it unlocks potential. We see a future where JUICER’s  name is synonymous with a new paradigm of data-driven revenue management. It speaks to the heart of every restaurant operator's dream: to not only survive but thrive!  This is the kind of innovation that doesn't follow trends — it sets them.

We invite you to take a look at JUICER's unique approach to transforming the restaurant industry. Visit

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