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How Will Web3 Revolutionize the Restaurant Experience? Video Games

A New Spice in the Restaurant Biz

The restaurant industry has always been about innovation and web3 is the latest exotic spice everyone's talking about. Many people only know about web3 from what's covered in the news, like the horrific FTX debacle or the explosion and implosion of Dogecoin. But,  SBF shenanigans aside, web3 is the next evolution of the internet.  Web3 is built on a rock-solid blockchain technology, where payment transactions are extremely secure, low cost, and users have more control. Now, it isn't just for the tech elite's palate; it's for everyday food ordering -- even inside your video games.

Why Big Chains Should Pull Up a Chair at the web3 Table:
  1. The Youth Quotient: Gen-Z is the first truly digital generation, and they're here for the web3 party. In fact, to them it's not a party, it's just a day in the life. If restaurants want to stay relevant, they need to be where the youth are congregating. The marketing and promotional opportunities are boundless.

  2. Integration, not Disruption: Big chains have sophisticated systems, and the beauty of web3 integrations like Devour's is that they enhance without disrupting. This means less friction with your existing ops and more enthusiasm for embracing new tech.

  3. Payment Efficiency: Not all restaurant chains enjoy a hefty slice of their profits going to 3rd-party food delivery apps.  Actually, none do, which is why they often have to jack up prices and create entirely separate menus for UberEats, Doordash, etc.  But with Devour's web3-based solution, payment processing and delivery fees are significantly less expensive (or non-existent) and your customers won't be needlessly overcharged. This keeps your volume and profits on point.

  4. A New Market Frontier: This is an untapped market with a massive potential customer base. Early adopters in the restaurant space can capture this forward-thinking audience before it becomes mainstream and another mad scramble.

  5. Innovation Leadership: Being an early adopter in the web3 space is a statement. It positions a restaurant chain as a forward-thinking leader, willing to explore and define the future of dining, and connect in a modern way.

Gamifying Food Ordering

From what we've seen, DevourGO is not just a service; it's the choose-your-own-adventure of food ordering. It offers a gamified layer to the dining experience that appeals to the modern diner's desire for fun interaction and personalization -- in other words, it's a Gen-Z thing. Devour's recently inked partnership with ItsaCheckmate reportedly transcends traditional online ordering by offering a fully integrated, hassle-free system that doesn't reinvent the wheel, but instead adds some exciting new spokes.

Virtual Worlds & Real-World Bites

This isn't science fiction. Imagine ordering from virtual restaurants within gaming environments, and then having those meals delivered in real life -- certainly sounds like a reasonable expectation. It's a crossover episode between the digital and physical worlds. This is truly a next-level opportunity for restaurant chains. Imagine the promotional opportunities of in-game food ordering. It's Hot.


3.09 billion Active Video Gamers Worldwide!

According to the latest data*, there are approximately 3.09 billion active video gamers worldwide. That figure has risen by over 1 billion in just seven years (that's a 32% increase). And the number of gamers is expected to hit 3.32 billion by 2024. The video game market is worth an estimated $385 billion. 

*source: explodingtopics

The Transformative Power of web3 Solutions

For the big players, it's an opportunity not just to adopt new technology, but to become part of a movement reshaping how we think about eating out. Popcorn GTM believes it's a wise R&D spend with massive ROI potential.  It's a confluence of security, innovation, and most of all, fun—a recipe for success in today's fast-evolving culinary scene.  And, how cool would it be to order your favorite Taco Bell and never leave your Call of Duty squad exposed?